EMS shipping cost change by Japan Post on June 1st, 2016.


Japan Post has announced that they will be making changes to their EMS shipping cost as of June 1st 2016, Japan time (GMT+9).

Due to this change, our additional fee for EMS shipments will be changed to $15.50.


- Any order that had began processing after 1st June.


At Ark Soundtrack Squre, we generally process your order after the following working day onwards from the ordered date.

This means any EMS orders received after 12:00PM of 31st May (GMT+9) will be charged with the updated shipping rate, as well as any other EMS orders which are processed after the 1st of June due to the items being backordered etc. requiring time to obtain.

This is regardless of the shipping cost outlined on your order confirmation mail, and your understanding of this matter will be greatly appreciated.


- Any EMS pre-orders that had been stocked after 1st June


*This includes orders that had release delays causing the order to be stocked after 1st June.

**Even if the order had been stocked before 1st June, the updated cost will be applied to orders that are processed after 1st June due to combined shipment, requests for order detail changes, or requiring confirmation from customers etc.


-          There may be cases that fall outside the above conditions where the updated EMS cost is applied, caused by timing of product being stocked or timing our staff process your order etc.


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